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Family Medicine
Addiction Medicine
LGBTQ+ Medicine


Family Medicine


I am a family doctor.  I hope to create a practice that allows you and I to partner more directly around your health and your family's health.  Whoever your family is, whatever the status of your health, whatever your health priorities.

Serving my Community


I have extensive experience in hormonal therapy for gender transition, fertility options for queer families, puberty blocking for appropriate adolescents, sexually transmitted infection testing, treatment and prevention including PreP.



Addiction is a brain disease that affects behavior and recurs frequently over time.  Like many medical problems, addiction issues  are often inherited.  Medications can assist you in feeling better as you work toward your recovery, whether Suboxone(TM) Vivitrol(TM) or many other medications.


We've found space!

After two disastrous floods, then a leaking roof, we have signed for space at 5231 University Avenue--right next to a coffee shop! So--stay tuned--we can't wait to be your doctor and nurse! We'll be working hard on internal renovation and hope to celebrate a re-opening Spring of 2020



Dr Kathy and Nurse Melisa

Nurse Melisa and Kathy Oriel MD are the two employees of Oriel Medicine with help from awesome part-time colleagues Deb, Susan and Carrie. They hope to create a more personalized health care experience for people we serve. Pharmacist Carrie, Nurse Susan and Kathy have worked together professionally for over 20 years, and Kathy is forever grateful for the important roles they play helping out when they are able. 

Doctor and nurse: no vaulted ceilings or indoor waterfalls

Doctor, patient, exam room.  Both retro and [hopefully] radical.  I hope to bring relationship back into the center of care.  I will need your help to make this model work best for you.


Insurance Coverage

  • The Alliance
  • Anthem BCBS
  • Aetna
  • United Healthcare
  • WEA Trust
  • WPS
  • Unity Quartz. 
  • Dean--Point of Service only


We will be located:

5231 University Avenue

Madison, Wisconsin 53705

***Anticipated re-opening April or May 2020***

Oriel Medicine, SC

5231 University Avenue, Madison, Wisconsin 53705, United States

p. (608) 238-0100 f. (608) 238-7550